Psychoeducational Groups/Classes

In an educational group, you'll not have to talk about your problems. It is a taught lesson and no interaction between group members is expected.

A tutor will stand at the front of the group and provide information about a specific problem or practical life skill each week, such as coping with anxiety or stress (although you do not have to talk about yourself or your problems in a group, we do invite you to make contributions if you are willing).

People find it very helpful to learn more about why they feel so bad or anxious in a group setting, as people will share similar experiences. Over the duration of the course, you'll learn new skills which you'll need to practice at home. At the end of the course you'll be in a better position to manage your stress or anxiety.

These last for 90 minutes each and cover topics such as:

  • Worry
  • Sleep hygiene and healthy living
  • Low mood
  • Panic
  • Depression & Low mood
  • Stress Control

    Stress Control is a free course suitable for anyone over 18 who experience these difficulties or symptoms. The course will help you learn new skills to manage these symptoms more confidently. It is delivered by professionals and the course comes with free written information all about stress and ways of looking after yourself, which is yours to keep.

    What is Stress?

    Stress can affect us in many different ways with symptoms and difficulties such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Tension
  • Sweating
  • Breathlessness
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling irritable
  • Finding you are avoiding certain situations
  • Feeling something dreadful is going to happen
  • When and where is the course?

    The course is held for six weeks and lasts for around two hours, with a short interval in the middle.

    We try to hold the course in local venues such as libraries or community buildings so it’s easy for you to get to.

    The first courses will be advertised shortly

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    These courses are available in a variety of locations throughout the year but please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited.

    To check dates and availability, please ring 01482 335451

    To book a place:

    Tel: 01482 335451 between 10:00 and 12:00 Mon – Fri

    Online: IAPT Portal

    Text: TALK to 60163 and the online link and further details will be sent to your phone.